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Thursday, September 20, 2012

There is less then a week until the launch of the Mists of Pandaria. The in game Theramore Scenario happens only this week and is a game changing event. Before you read on I want to warn you that I am going to reveal details about the story of the fall of Theramore. I will be giving details revealed in the book Jaina Proudmoore Tides of War. If you plan on reading the book, which is a fantastic read then don't read this until after you read the book! The book is much better than my outline below.

After reading the book I was very excited to see the Scenario in the game. Last night I played through it from a Horde prospective and I was very disappointed. Not only did it not tell the story at all but it was just boring to play through. I don't know if they are going to release something else to tell more of the story or not. The book was fantastic and in the book this is a very big event that destroys any tentative peace between Horde and Alliance and sets up Garrosh Hellscream as the number one threat to the world. In Mists of Pandaria there is all out war between the Horde and Alliance. Baine Bloodhoof, Vol`jin, Sylvanas, and the rest of the Horde leaders follow Garrosh only because they feel they have no choice. The book really focuses on Baine and Vol`jin struggles to keep their people safe from Garrosh.
In the book Garrosh starts by building a big Horde army of all the Horde races. He then uses the army to take out Northwatch Hold. Before this starts an artifact of the blue dragons that is used to focus magic is stolen. Even though the Horde army was more than enough to take Northwatch Hold Garrosh uses dark magic enhanced by the artifact to summon fire golems to strike more fear into the Alliance. This of course pisses off the world so Thrall is aware something is wrong. Garrosh makes it clear that Theramore is next and then all of Kalimdor.

Instead of attacking Theramore right away with the big Horde army Garrosh waits until the Alliance builds up the defenses. The Alliance sends in all of their top generals. The buildup also includes Rhonin and Vereesa and others from the Kirin Tor. Baine and Vol`jin are very upset that they did not attack before the buildup. Garrosh sends them away without any explanation of why he is waiting before the attack. Also Garrosh has a new order of guards to protect him lead by a very evil orc. They start killing, kidnaping, or torturing anyone that questions anything about Garrosh leadership. Baine and Vol`jin are in danger all the time because they continue to speaking out. Once the buildup is complete Garrosh sends in the Horde army. The Horde army is defeated and many in the Horde army is killed in the attack. Baine and Vol`jin are very upset about the great loss of life.

The Alliance in Theramore were happy they won battle. Jania is very upset at her friend Baine Bloodhoof's involvement. The Horde army did some key things like it took out all of the air defenses. At the time no one thought anything about it. One of the Kirin Tor was a blood elf who was a trader to the Alliance and his actions allowed the Horde army to enter Theramore to take out the Griffons. He was later rescued by the Horde during the fight (which is in the game Scenario). With all the key Alliance generals in town Garrosh sends in a weapon of mass destruction. It is a giant mana bomb that is enhanced by the Blue Dragon artifact. The Alliance cannot stop it because they have nothing to take out the blimp. Rhonin's wife Vereesa and some other well know NPCs are not in town when this happens but they are close enough to get killed. To safe them Rhonin ports to the top of the tower with Jaina. He forces Jania into a portal and makes the bomb's magic go through him. The bomb kills him and everyone in town but Vereesa and the people with her is saved. Jania is saved but she is altered by the blast.

Jania goes insane and decides her father was right and all the Horde must die. She ports back to Theramore and gets the Blue Dragon artifact that was part of the bomb and hides it. It was not damaged in the blast. She tries to convince Varian and the Kirin Tor to take out Orgrimmar. She wants to kill everyone including the children to the horror of her very good friend and pupil Anduim Wrynn. When they refuse she gives up and decides to take it into her own hands. While this is going on Garrosh sets up barricades around all of Kalimdor blocking all Alliance traffic including the Night Elfs. Varian builds up a big fleet of ships to attack the bay by Orgrimmar with hopes of taking out Garrosh in Orgimmar. Meanwhile as the Varian lead fleet gets close to attacking Orgrimmar Jania with the artifact is on a nearby island starting her attack to kill everyone in Orgrimmar. She is using water elementals for the attack and they are very upset so they call on Thrall help them stop her. Thrall comes and with the help of Jania's new love interest (which you will have to read the book to find out who he is) they convince her to stop the main attack at the last minute. She gets back some of her sanity but tells Thrall they cannot be friends as long as Garrosh leads the Horde. Varian's attack is a total surprise but Garrosh has another trick. His warlocks call up krakens that quickly start taking out the Alliance ships including Varian's. Four Horde ships wipe out almost the entire fleet and just when everything was almost lost Jania using the artifact kills the krakens and saves Varian and one of Alliance ships. The Alliance re-takes Northwatch Hold. Baine gives Garrosh another warning that he will not fight a war with un-honorable tactics. After the Horde are defeated what remained of the big Horde army breaks up and goes back to their own cities/lands. But by far the Alliance took the worst of it loosing most of their army and generals.

Years ago Krasus had left Rhonin with a number of prophecies in a box. The prophecies are riddles that Rhonin has studied of the years. Rhonin saved Jania because one of those prophesies was being fulfilled during the fight as Theramore and so he knew that Jania was supposed to be the next leader of the Kirin Tor. Jania knows nothing about the prophecy and part of the reason she went so insane is because he saved her instead of himself. He had a family and was the leader of the Kirin Tor and she felt he was more important than her. He died so she and his wife would live. Anyway Vereesa finds the box with the prophecies and after find the one about Jania the Kirin Tor make her the leader.


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