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This is the archive for December 2012

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I know people have been waiting for me to do my write up on Mist of Pandaria. I used to do regular write ups on World of Warcraft dating back to BC. There are a few reasons why I quit writing as much. One is I just haven't playing as much and two is most of the people I played with are no longer are playing. This doesn't mean WOW sucks and isn't fun anymore it's more a combination of moving on with life and the desire to do something new after many years of playing it. Many I used to play with have finished school and have careers. Some are married. Things change. The other day we were standing around comparing Tera, SWTOR, Guild Wars2, etc and WOW. The consciences was WOW is the best overall MMO/game especially what they can do with quests and story lines. Even though that is true some are playing Guild Wars2 or some other games because it is different and refreshing. Some just don't have the time anymore to get to a gear level they want to be at when they play the game.